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Here's a little bit about REAL

REAL Reborn (Reborning Excellence and Artful Learning) was created to give fellow artists a place fellowship, to support each other and to learn and grow at any level in artistry. On the forum, we offer live online classes, which are interactive and work at your own pace. REAL is a great community of artists and collectors where you can get feedback, critique, support and have fun with contests and also exchange general knowledge on what is happening in the doll world.

The store, offers the classes, DVD's ebooks from Lara Antonucci of Angels in Waiting Nursery, and other well known artists. Her books and DVD's can also be found worldwide at most reborning establishments. Lara has been honored with many awards for her artistry, including the Praise award and has also been nominated for Colliii Awards. She is also been a long time member as a Master artist with IIORA, CRIB, ERA and IRDA.

If you are interested in custom work, please contact Lara through email at