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The Art of Air Dry Painting DVD The Art of Air Dry Painting DVD

In this DVD, master Artist Lara Antonucci of REAL Reborn and Angels in Waiting Nursery will go over all the basics of creating Caramel Cream Skintones and Peaches and Cream Skintones with Air Dry Paints.
I will be using Miracle Blend Air Dry Paints in the DVD, but any air dry paints can be used with this DVD.

This will show you different techniques to mix and apply your air dry paints, so it adheres to the vinyl, and creates depth like the genesis paints. We will also go over skin texture and sealing your paint.

You can achieve achieve "living skin" with depth instead of just paint on top of vinyl. The paint is designed to be slow drying and to only require water for their use. No more baking!

Our Price: $29.99
Amazing Details DVD Amazing Details DVD

Already the BEST SELLING DVD by REAL Reborn!!!!!
In this DVD, Master Artist, Lara Antonucci, will teach you the techniques used to create incredible lifelike effects on your reborn babies!
Lessons include:
Undertone, mottle, capillaries, dry skin, dewy skin texture,various birthmarks, scratches, sculpting nails, sculplting tear ducts, painting glass eyes, spit bubbles, ear detailing, 3D brows and MUCH MORE!!!

Get excited for this DVD and get yourself ready to start creating AMAZING DETAILS and lifelike babies!!!

Our Price: $29.99
Basics of Reborning DVD Basics of Reborning DVD

In this DVD, Lara Antonucci, of REAL Reborn and Angels in Waiting Nursery will go over all the basics of reborning. This DVD will show how to paint realistic skintones in easy to understand steps. You will learn how to create the illusion of depth and lifelike baby skin texture using our Mix and Match kits. Genesis heat Set Paints will be used. This will include: How to mix paint, Neutralizing, Skin Tone, Mottle, Undertones, Blushing, and fine detailing. A full color eBook approx 150 pages will be emailed to you and will go over each step in the reborning process including Painting, Micro Rooting, Inserting Eyes, Applying Lashes, and assembly.

Approx 105 minutes.

Supplies Need:
Kit of your choice
GHSP set
cosmetic sponges
Basic Brush set
odorless thinner
thinning medium
glazing gel

Our Price: $29.99
Micro Rooting DVD Micro Rooting DVD

Lara Antonucci once again delivers a wonderful instructional micro-rooting DVD. Learn to map the head out to prepare for rooting, directional rooting techniques, hairline, swirls and cutting and styling hair. Learn what tools to use and what it all means. Don't delay, get yours now. Approx 1 1/2 hours

Our Price: $29.99
Sculpting Techniques DVD Sculpting Techniques DVD

In this DVD, Sandra Maxwell of Sandra Maxwell Studios will show you have to sculpt a realistic baby from a block of polymer clay. She will teach you basic art and sculpting techniques, fine details, anatomy and more!

This is DVD contains the same information Sandra presents to her students during her 2 day intensive sculpting workshop course - now available to you at home!

A MUST have for all sculptors!

Our Price: $29.99
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